These are the actual rough stones as they came from the mine to RANDs own Factory in South Africa.

All the rough diamonds that come to the RAND factory in South Africa come from the Diamond Trading Corporation the wholly owned subsidiary of the worlds largest diamond mining origination. In fact RAND is one of only five South African companies granted a "Site" allowing it to buy direct from the DTC.

Because the DTC is the rough supplier for all RAND Diamonds you are assured that each RAND Diamond comes from a legitimate source (not a conflict diamond) is completely natural and has never been enhanced or tampered with.

From the moment each diamond arrives at RAND it is assigned a unique registration number that will follow it along its amazing journey to you. In the next step, experienced inspectors carefully review each stone. Even beyond Clarity, they understand that the nature of the rough will affect the beauty and brilliance of the finished diamond. So they hunt for evidence of heavy gaining, the presence of milky fluorescence or any other factor that will impair the rough diamond's ability to return light. Fewer than 1% of all gem quality rough diamonds are considered to become a RAND Diamond. Only a small percentage of those become one.